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20-27 November, 2016, Bali

claudia spahr

Trusting the Feminine – from Victim Consciousness to Freedom

Join me at the Awakened Woman Conference in Bali (20-27 November 2016) where I will be running a workshop aimed at elevating women to have more empowered experiences of themselves. This workshop focuses on the navel centre (Manipura chakra) which is the seat of our self-esteem and confidence, and has been a weak spot for women for the last two millennia. Healing this chakra is vital for us to emerge with clarity and a subtle fierceness that will propel us forward into evolved community where there is more balance and inclusion of minorities.

The talk will have a body, mind, spirit approach, including cutting edge research from the new frontiers in health and spirituality. Attendees will gain a holistic understanding of how the energy of this chakra works and what simple steps they can take to increase their own self-confidence and self-worth, in order to align with their unique purpose in life.