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  conceiving naturally  

I’m trying to conceive naturally. I’m 41 and my husband is 46. What can we do to improve our chances? I just don’t want to start with IVF. Thank you.


  Re: conceiving naturally  

Hi Molly,

You have good chances of conceiving over 40 despite what the fertility statistics say (they’re out of date anyway but that’s a whole other story). Here’s the top ten list for becoming pregnant.

1. Find out when in the month you’re most fertile and have frequent sex

If your periods are weak or irregular try complimentary therapy such as acupuncture, reflexology, fertility massage or herbs (Agnus Cactus or Dong Quai) to help regulate the hormones and get stagnant blood flowing.

2. Both of you check for STDs and other medical conditions

Many people have undiagnosed STDs that can prevent conception.

3. Both of you get your vitamin/mineral deficiencies and toxic overload analysed

You can do this via a hair strand analysis. It’s worth getting tested for food intolerances and allergies as well.

4. Do the relevant detox

Toxins build up over time, producing over-acidity in the body and sending hormones out of sync. The body is always looking for balance but if’s busy eliminating toxins and heavy metals it won’t see reproduction as a priority. Toxins also pass over to the foetus so a good detox beforehand will prevent unnecessary stress on your unborn child.

5. Make diet/lifestyle adjustments and load up on nutrients

There are many proven fertility foods (there’s a comprehensive list in my book) you can eat to increase your chances of conception. As a general rule of thumb eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – preferably organic – and food rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Depending on your deficiencies high quality supplements and superfoods are also a good idea. Avoid processed food, white flour, fizzy drinks and too much non-organic meat, sugar and dairy. Alcohol, smoking and too much caffeine have been clearly linked to lower conception and higher miscarriage rates. Both men and women are advised to ‘sober up’ three months prior to trying for a baby. This includes binge drinking nights as they will affect sperm and eggs for three months. It’s also important to stay well hydrated; so drink lots of water, breathe in plenty of fresh air to flood the cells with oxygenated blood and get some sun.

6. De-stress your life

Stress is another major factor that gets in the way of pregnancy and most of us are more stressed than we think – especially if getting pregnant has become an obsession. A study showed that stress was the main factor of 25% of couples suffering from infertility. There are various ways to combat stress and subconscious anxiety. Relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation and hypnotherapy have shown to be very effective.

There is a belief that says ‘Everything is exactly as it’s meant to be’ because life is – in its own funny way – perfect. So it’s about learning to trust this concept and embrace what comes your way with less resistance. Not getting pregnant immediately is part of a journey that may not make sense until much later.

7. Calm your mind and think positive

Our health is to a fair extent determined by our thoughts and emotions. From a scientific point of view it has been shown that positive thoughts, affirmations and visualisations create neural connections that lead the body to believe something is true. So, for example, by believing you can and will get pregnant when the time is right and trusting this belief means you’re more likely to manifest a pregnancy.

8. Exercise to increase blood flow to your womb and sexual organs

Many of us work in offices and are very static in our lives, slumping over computers for long hours in stagnant environments lacking air. This is why getting outside and exercising is very important. Yoga, tai chi and qi gong are all ancient arts conceived to massage the internal organs and calm the mind, exercise from the inside out so to speak. Any high impact or adrenalin producing sports can actually prevent implantation.

9. Choose a course of complementary medicine

Complimentary therapies like massage and acupuncture will also help bring fresh blood to the pelvis, sacral and reproductive region. Reflexology has shown to be very effective in sustaining a pregnancy and the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda is great at bringing to body back into its individual, natural state of balance.

10. Let the love flow

Some cultures believe we attract a soul through the power of love. The Aborigines of Australia traditionally believe that a spirit-child selects his parents before entering the woman’s body around the time of conception. It is usually the father who makes first contact with this spirit child through a dream. Nurture yourself and your loved ones. Be kind and practise loving kindness. It’s infectious and will make you feel great.

Hope that’s useful


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