The HOLYMAMA Revolution

Do you aim to bring up your children with a holistic approach? Based on my knowledge in integrative nutrition, holisitic medicine, fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. Plus my experience in running yoga retreats I decided to set up HOLYMAMA.
HOLYMAMA retreats are soul nurturing weeks in energising, sunny Ibiza for mums.

The big advantage is you can bring your baby or small child – and they will even be looked after by Montessori guides for a few hours a day.

I always craved a yoga retreat where I go with my child. But I couldn’t
find any. So like with the book that didn’t exist until I wrote it. We now have

Watch out also for the new site coming soon.

The link for booking the retreat is below and here is some more text to
whet your appetite:

This retreat is all about mama power, supporting each other and having fun.
You will come away empowered and firmly rooted in your female vavavoom.

Holymama is for mums and mums-to-be.

As motherhood involves a lot of giving, on this retreat you ‘get back’ and
recharge – it’s devoted to precious ‘Goddess’ time. You’ll be nurtured,
supported, looked after, cooked for (nourishing, organic, well balanced meals)
and have time to enjoy the things you love like yoga and nature.

You can come on the retreat pregnant, with your baby or child because childcare is
included in the price. This means space for you to do yoga, relax and have
treatments. You’ll also be able to spend some quality time with your child on
the beach and by the pool.

Escape to the sun, sea, countryside and clean, fresh air!