New Year’s wishes

I’d like to share some of my wishes for the New Year and the future.


May there be more love and less fear.

May we increase our consciousness and keep raising our awareness.


May we nurture our bodies and minds with nourishing foods and thoughts.

May we realise that food is healthcare.

May more and more of us shift to plant-based diets, or at least cut down on eating meat, for environmental, compassionate and health reasons.

May organic food become the norm and pesticides and GMOs a thing of the past.


May we realise that life is perfect because each experience we have is exactly what we need for our personal growth and evolution.

May each person realise that they have the power to attract what they need.

May we become more empowered and less enslaved.

May we shake loose the forces that seek to control us.


May we integrate all we learn.

May we keep making advances in technology that will enable us to connect and unify.

May we find ways to protect our beautiful planet and allow animals, plants and nature to thrive.


May we realise that personal healing is the first step to healing the world. And that personal transformation and awakening will help awaken all of humanity.

May we forgive regularly. Others and especially ourselves.

May we be grateful for all we have and practise gratitude on a daily basis.

May we have the courage to do the things we fear and especially the things others tell us we should fear.


May we be able to de-programme the software that no longer serves us.

May all beings thrive.