HolyMama Yoga Retreats

I facilitate retreats and hold sacred space for women to experience expansion and transformation.

The HolyMama mission is to provide a sanctuary for mamas and children. We create a supportive environment for women to align with their essence as creative, powerful beings by using yoga as a pathway into the body, connecting with nature, feeling strong via nourishing foods and being cared for by a loving team following divine feminine principles.

This is an opportunity to pause, breathe and tap into the incredible potential that lies within. We aim to empower and re-awaken dreams and visions.

HolyMama retreats are for nurturing the relationship to yourself, your child and each other as women.



"Claudia Spahr has assembled the best of everything: venue, childcare, catering, therapists. But most special of all, she offers a place to mums in need of a rest – "

-The Guardian

Fertility Programme

I empower women to feel more in control of their fertility. I don’t believe any of the ‘noise’ about fertility declining with age and started my own family at age 40. I believe we’re sold limiting and outdated ideas by the mainstream which is why I work with new paradigms. Through my programme, you will not only become more fertile, you will feel better, look better and become much healthier. Create a future with intention and purpose.

I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and board certified by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners). I’ve been running retreats and working in the field of health, wellness and fertility for nine years, helping people fulfil their baby dreams.

The HolyMama Fertility Booster stands out from other online programmes because of the integrative and holistic approach, incorporating different aspects to increasing fertility. It includes cutting-edge science and mind-body techniques. Over the course of three modules you learn how to super-charge your body, mind and spirit. Most specialists ignore the spiritual aspect to conception but new research is showing how important it is.

Experts believe that the fertility equation is the following:

25% body

25% mind

25% emotions

25% spirit

Which makes this programme really relevant and cutting-edge.

Please do check the video above to see if this programme would suit you.

"You helped me stay calm and positive, and were such a breath of fresh air...I really think that attitude of self-belief and taking back control of my own health and body helped me get pregnant naturally at 43."