HolyMama Honours the Feminine

Being a mama can be amazing and hard and fun and frustrating – all at the same time. As women we usually nurture others more than ourselves – which is why a retreat like this is such a gift for any mama.

I created HolyMama as the kind of yoga retreat I yearned for as a mother. A retreat I could go on with my child in a supported, female environment. HolyMama is a combination of incredible yoga, delicious food, beautiful accommodation, loving childcare, an attentive team, magnificent countryside and nurturing treatments.

It is my highest aim to create a sacred space for renewal and reflection.

HolyMama retreats are held in places with special energy where nature is abundant in order for us to align with our intrinsic being.

Many of us modern day women lead hectic lives and we’re constantly running. A HolyMama retreat is an opportunity to pause, breathe and tap into the incredible potential that lies within. It is a chance to reconnect with dreams and visions. After having a baby many of us lose sight of ‘me’ which is why this retreat is aimed at creating time and space for reconnection. HolyMama retreats are for nurturing the relationship to yourself, your child and each other as women.

Once this sacred space is honoured within us it is easier to go back and find our place in the world. I empower and activate mothers awaken to their purpose and embody their leadership.

We are currently training feminine leaders for our emerging systems to restore the balance.

Recharge your feminine power, practise yoga in beautiful surroundings, relax and have fun. You’ll come away feeling stronger and tingling with the exciting sense of possibility.

"This is the ultimate babymoon...great food, plus plenty of pampering and babysitting. Spahr has assembled the best of everything, venue, childcare, catering, therapists. But most special of all, she offers a place to mums in need of a rest..."

-Review in The Guardian