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In Defence of Becoming a Mother at 50

A female boss taking maternity leave at age 50 is big news. So big it’s announced on the London stock exchange. Has a male boss ever had to tell investors he’s becoming a father in his fifth decade? Not likely. Well he doesn’t need to take any time off work, does he? Laura Wade Gery’s […]

Having it all – The Plight of the Modern Woman, part two

So now you’ve got the kids you always wanted. And it’s hard. Bloody hard. WORK. For the average 1960s,70s and 80s (middle class) woman there was less juggling. Saying that mothers were expected to be perfect and under pressure to be the ideal housewife (as in ‘wife-inside-the-house’). They mended their husband’s socks, ironed pillows and baked cakes. Today – […]