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On the BBC

I’ll be speaking on Woman’s Hour this Friday about women’s health, fertility and motherhood after 40. Below is the link. It’s going to be an interesting discussion. You can listen live or later. The programme stays up for a year.

More Positive News on Fertility after 35

There tends to be doom and gloom surrounding fertility after a certain age.  As I mention in my book, Right Time Baby, doctors will relay it as fact that it’s harder to get pregnant after 35. However, there is little solid evidence to support this argument in the form of controlled, randomised studies (the kind […]

New figures on mothers over forty

The number of women becoming pregnant at 40 and over has more than doubled in the past two decades. This article appeared in the Sunday Express and guess who was interviewed for it? Baby boom for older mothers THE NUMBER of women becoming pregnant at 40 and over has more than doubled in the past […]

The HOLYMAMA Revolution

Do you aim to bring up your children with a holistic approach? Based on my knowledge in integrative nutrition, holisitic medicine, fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. Plus my experience in running yoga retreats I decided to set up HOLYMAMA. HOLYMAMA retreats are soul nurturing weeks in energising, sunny Ibiza for mums. The big advantage is you can bring your baby or small […]

Tried everything and still not pregnant

I recently received this email via the website and the sender has kindly let me share it with you.  Question: Still trying to conceive at 45 after being off contraception since 39.  Long story but relationship hit a few rocks until 43 so even though I have been trying to have a baby with the […]

Fertility Retreats

I’m now offering fertility retreats on the beautiful island of Ibiza. A Fertility Detox Retreat is the ideal preparation for a pregnancy. Whether you want to be in the best of health before getting pregnant naturally, or simply detox between fertility treatments – this is the perfect pre-conception holiday. You can also visit […]

New Year’s wishes

I’d like to share some of my wishes for the New Year and the future.   May there be more love and less fear. May we increase our consciousness and keep raising our awareness.   May we nurture our bodies and minds with nourishing foods and thoughts. May we realise that food is healthcare. May […]

Breast Contraception

This is taken from an article I wrote for Breastfeeding Today: On top of all the health and bonding benefits breastfeeding has for mother and baby, it’s a perfect, natural form of contraception. Breastfeeding according to the criteria for LAM (Lactational Amenorrhea Method) is considered as natural family planning which is 98% to 99.5% […]

News about Right Time Baby foreign versions

To date Right Time Baby has been released in English and Korean. The Korean publishers did a fantastic job with the cover as you can see below. The book is currently also being translated into Croatian and Polish. So it will come out in those territories soon. Spanish and German versions are under discussion.