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Believing in Miracles

It’s refreshing to read some positive news about getting pregnant against the odds. The usual story is that we’re too old, too fat, our ovaries defunct or we simply don’t have the right haircut. The recent announcement by BBC newsreader, Kate Silverton that she’s expecting her second baby in her forties, after all hope was […]

How Long Can You Really Wait To Have A Baby?

This was the question asked on BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour. I always stick up for older moms but it’s not often you get the opportunity to do it in front of over three million listeners on one of the UK’s leading radio shows. I must admit I had a few sleepless nights before the programme, […]

Should you give your baby antibiotics?

I’ve just had another ‘what’s the best thing to do as a mother’ experience. It all started because Baby E got his third and fourth tooth – more or less together in the same week – and became ill. Babies often get sick when they’re teething because this runs down their immune systems. And parents […]