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That Ageist Taboo about Women, yet again

I couldn’t resist: I just had to get up on my soapbox about this one. So the press in the UK just had another go at reinforcing stereotypes, rigid belief systems and fostering fear. Another ageist, sexist bash in the guise of what should be evolved, gender-balanced media. Two women making the news just because […]

A Mid-Forties Baby Bump

It’s awesome having a baby bump. On my birth certificate it says I’ll be 45 in two weeks. But that is so relative. If you’re 65, then 45 is still young. You’re in the prime of your life. Pregnancy is all about abundance and here I am a pregnant, voluptuous woman in the prime of […]

Baby-wearing for perfectly shaped heads

Hardly a day goes by when I’m not thankful for my baby sling (or slings, I own 3, all serving slightly different purposes). I have one of those babies who just doesn’t like being put down. “His bum hurts when he’s lying or sitting,” as his father jokes. Of course there’s usually something bothering him […]

Happy kids

Following on from the blog about baby slings some more about baby wearing from the guest expert slot I had on the US site flowerpowermom. dodo535 Guest baby carrying dear claudia, as far as i remember you have carried your son in a sling for a long time. if that is correct: do you see […]

In The Babymoon Baby Bubble

I just came back from my babymoon. It was like a good honeymoon should be. The days blurred into one because nothing else existed but my beloved and I. Hours were spent in a daze, looking into each other’s eyes. It was all fondling little hands, caressing warm cheeks and stroking soft hair. And I […]