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Believing in Miracles

It’s refreshing to read some positive news about getting pregnant against the odds. The usual story is that we’re too old, too fat, our ovaries defunct or we simply don’t have the right haircut. The recent announcement by BBC newsreader, Kate Silverton that she’s expecting her second baby in her forties, after all hope was […]

Starting a Family at 40

I’m three weeks away from giving birth. On my birth certificate it says I’ll be 45 on Wednesday. But then age is such a relative. Forty-five isn’t even middle aged anymore, especially if you take into account that many of us could live to 120. I’m in the prime of my life. Pregnancy is all […]

Birth of a Boy

I was after the ‘full flash’ experience as a girlfriend of mine called it – the ecstatic, orgasmic, sensual birth. I knew it was possible without drugs, without intervention, as nature intended. I wanted that unique high; the oxytocin rush only childbirth can provoke. I wanted those bonding moments with my baby; the experience of […]

A nine month bump in a mountain lake

I’ve reached that stage in pregnancy when sleeping means one of two positions: left or right side. Getting from one bony side to the other always involves waking up and conducting a manoeuvre that is similar to a long, heavy vehicle doing a U-turn. Accompanied by moans and groans, the five pillows strategically placed (one […]

Birth of a book

When a book is born it’s similar to a baby. You have all this hard labour right up to the last minute. The book launch (or due date) was on Wednesday 18th May. There was the expected last minute flap. No, not what’s the fastest route to the hospital? i.e. bookshop but a misunderstanding with […]