A Call for Women to Rise – The Awakened Woman Conference, Bali 2016

My dear sisters:

There is something deeply wrong with our world when a celebrity breaks down in tears at a prestigious book launch in New York telling the audience her first experience of ‘pussy’ was abuse. The celebrity just mentioned is Gabrielle Bernstein. The book launch was for Pussy, A Reclamation written by Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena)

To raise the intensity on that Thomashauer goes on to ask who in the audience can relate to this experience.

Nearly every single woman raises her hand. There are around 800 of them.

Point one made. Point two:

There is something deeply wrong with our world when we have only 20% indigenous tribes left. And those vulnerable tribes, hunted and pushed off the lands they are connected to in ways we have long forgotten, end up being the custodians of our fragile planet. After all the ravaging and rape we’ve done to our sacred earth, it is the indigenous peoples left protecting 80% of bio-diversity. And look at what we’re doing to them at Standing Rock.

Do you understand the connection between point one and two?

Just as we have been abused and abused  (one never excludes the other), we have consented to the rape of our earth so that – to quote an indigenous belief relating to fossil fuels – ‘We dig out the blood of the Mother until creation dies.’

What is wrong?

What is wrong with us? Women? Men?

Have we still not learnt how to say NO? Enough is enough!

Why are we still in victim mode? A perpetrator always needs a victim. Sadly a perpetrator is also a victim; an unbroken link in the chain of pain. As Eve Ensler, a trailblazer for humanity, and the keynote speaker for this conference, says:

“We have to break the chain”.

If you break the chain you set all those before and after you free.

I am so done with the suffering. How bad does it have to get until we wake up?

This is not about women being better or blaming men. We are all tainted by the stains of patriarchal dominator systems, disconnecting us from nature and spirituality.

The next big step forward – because it is a step forward, everything else is simply heading towards more destruction – has to be taken by the women. But we have to be courageous and clear with our intentions. And truthful.

If we can get out of our cushy comfort zones.

And actually speak up with clarity and fierce grace, so that the men can understand what we’re saying.

Sometimes this means being disruptive.

Mama bear is always disruptive when it comes to protecting her children. It’s encoded in our DNA to protect the web of life, so finding access shouldn’t be that hard.

I just moved out of my comfort zone and caused some disruption. I was called and the calling was stronger than everything else. I left my warm bed, my three angelic sleeping children and a disapproving husband in the middle of the night to fly 8000 miles to the other side of the planet to attend a women’s conference because I believe in the power of women connecting, aligning and co-creating.

I understand that it will take many of us, according to science around 11% – which is less than 900 million of earth’s current inhabitants – basically One Billion rising. If this critical mass recognises the incredible force of coming together and understands that we really need to see each other. And I mean REALLY SEE AND HOLD SPACE FOR EACH OTHER , it will connect us to each other in unprecedented ways.

I have been bathed in an incredibly, high-resonance LoveField since I arrived in Bali. It’s no coincidence the conference is on this magical island where feminine and masculine energies are more balanced and millions of sacred offerings are made daily.

What I have witnessed here and what I witness when I host women’s circles and am in community with my sisters, uninterrupted by the noise of our failing systems is a love so pure and luminous it gives me hope that we can shift this mess we’re in.

I believe the Dalai Lama was right when he said that the world would be saved by the Western woman. It’s because she has the resources, education and courage to make an impact. It’s up to the women to move this Shakti energy. For me it begins with the Fierce Feminine, which is in effect Sacred Activism.

I believe today’s biggest challenge is restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energies on the planet and care-taking our world back to health. For this to happen women in big numbers need to move into their rightful leadership roles using feminine principles. And the men need to accept, make space for and integrate the Feminine. It is the only way to heal our systems. Honouring life itself will bring vitality and abundance to all.


This piece was written about a year before #metoo went viral.