Boost your fertility

The latest research from the emerging science of epigenetics shows that the quality of egg and sperm can be improved by the environment in your body.  This includes the food you eat, the thoughts you think and the lifestyle you lead.

Food is information for the genes. It washes over them and affects gene expression. Taking a pro-active approach will boost egg and sperm health and help repair DNA molecules which are needed for a healthy embryo.

Science is also showing that belief is like medicine because it affects every cell in the body. Thoughts and emotions are always accompanied by a biochemical reaction in the body which affect your immune, endocrine and reproductive systems and how nutrition is used. I work with clients in assisting them to let go of restricting mindsets and limiting beliefs via easy exercises they can practise at home.

You can also adjust your lifestyle to boost fertility. Cutting down on alcohol, coffee and smoking are important, as is getting oxygenated blood flowing to the reproductive region of your body. Fertility yoga is recommended because it not only calms the mind but it is a wonderful tonic for the sexual organs and can help prepare the womb lining for implantation of an embryo. Also make sure you get plenty of fresh air, natural light and vitamin D, ideally from the sun.

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