Right Time Baby

The Complete Guide to Later Pregnancy, Motherhood and Fertility

claudia spahr
  • Published: 02/05/2011
  • Publisher: Hay House
  • Book Format: Paperback, ebook
  • RRP: £12.99
  • ISBN: 9781848502567

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Right Time Baby

There couldn’t be a better time for motherhood than after you’ve explored some of your own dreams and ambitions. Studies show later mothers to be more secure emotionally and financially than younger mothers and nearly a quarter of all women in the UK are now having babies after 35. Packed full of useful tips from top medical experts, scientists and world authorities, including Dr Michel Odent and Dr Marilyn Glenville, this book is a complete guide for the woman who’s lived a life before giving birth. It covers:

  • preparing for pregnancy and motherhood
  • how to improve egg quality and prolong fertility so you can get pregnant naturally
  • exercises, relaxation techniques, mind-body connection for conception
  • how to increase your chances of success at IVF
  • making the most of your pregnancy, month by month
  • ways to avoid miscarriage
  • pregnancy yoga and natural remedies for common pregnancy ailments
  • how to have the best birth possible
  • from me to mum – adjusting to lack of sleep, relationship changes and that other job parenting secrets and concepts from around the globe to inspire new mothers the latest research in neuroscience, nutrition and psychology.

Get ready to embrace the biggest, most exciting transition of your life!

Right Time Baby is also available in Korean, Polish, Chinese and Dutch:

늦은임신_화판 Right Time Baby by Claudia Spahr Korean Edition





Praise for Right Time Baby

Very easy to read and informative.

Dr Yehudi Gordon, author and renowned gynaecologist

Claudia Spahr has written a wise, informative and entertaining pregnancy and birth guide that is perfect for both older mothers and equally relevant if you’re still in your teens or twenties. Don’t miss this one!

Ina May Gaskin, author and founder of The Farm Midwifery Centre

janet balaskus

At last a book that puts the risk factors into perspective and encourages older women to become mothers! Claudia Spahr offers a treasure trove of useful guidance about the wonderful options there are for a positive and life-changing pregnancy at any age. Written with a twist of humour, this book will inspire and inform as much as it will amuse you.

Janet Balaskas, Founder Active Birth and pregnancy yoga pioneer

I’m glad there’s finally a book I can hand all the terrified women who come to me in their thirties. Right Time Baby is just the right medicine for women who want to have a baby but who have been led to believe that their fertile time is drawing to a close. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take heart, read this book and tap into your fertility birthright.

Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

The book by Claudia Spahr is perfectly adapted to our time because many sentences end with a question mark. Delayed motherhood is an unprecedented situation on the five continents. When facing new situations the priority is to phrase new questions.

Dr Michel Odent, author and founder of the Primal Health Research Centre

This book gives women a timely and positive understanding that pregnancy over 35 is not just a possibility, but a source of joy and delight. Claudia offers oodles of useful tips and helpful information, presented in a really accessible and down-to-earth manner. A fabulously helpful resource.

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, author and pregnancy yoga pioneer

The time is right for a book like this. I shall be recommending Right Time Baby to all my pregnant clients.

Dr Jonathon Dao, ND OMD