I’m an author, speaker, leadership activator and the global initiator of mother and child retreats. I am a mother to three young children whom I conceived in my forties. I’m a Swiss Brit Latino hybrid.

I’m passionate about the role of women in conscious evolution. The world needs more women who are confident in themselves and able to show up with courage, grace and clarity.

I’m the founder of the popular HolyMama yoga retreats. I also write articles and books, including Right Time Baby – The Complete Guide to Later Motherhood (Hay House UK).

After spending a decade working in radio and TV – including a stint as London correspondent for Swiss National TV – I was booted out of my dazzling career in the corporate world. I transformed my life to seek my own truth and offer a higher level of service, which I have found in my soul-work with women. I’ve been happily ‘unemployable’ for the past fifteen years; as an author and creatrix, the founder of two successful yoga retreat companies and as a leadership activator for other women. As a sacred space holder I’m present, calm and connected. As a fire-starter I’m fierce, wild and free.

I believe today’s biggest challenge is restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energies on the planet. We need to reclaim our wisdom as custodians of Mother Earth and nurture her back to health for our children. For this to happen women in big numbers need to move into their rightful leadership roles using feminine principles. Full integration of all races, sexes and abilities is the only way to heal our systems. Honouring life itself will bring vitality and abundance to all.


connect with nature, re-activate your feminine wisdom, live courageously.

this is sacred to me: giggling children, full moon nights under almond blossoms, pine forests with fresh snow, salty sea-water swims, heart to hearts, soulful connections with other emergent humans and exploring our miraculous planet earth.