Hi, I’m Claudia.

I’m a published author, speaker, health expert, retreat facilitator and mother. I’m passionate about getting women to feel more in control of their health, well-being and life. I awaken others to their own intuition and strength. I’m known to break forward old paradigms and help women shape-shift.

My aim is to inspire and empower. Create and innovate. Connect and awaken.

I believe every woman is unique and beautiful.

I believe that by connecting with nature we tap into our source of power and by reclaiming our inherent feminine wisdom we set everyone in our lineage free.


The sacred feminine resides within us all. As women, we are innately creative, powerful and fertile whether it's bringing a baby to life or birthing new consciousness.

Unlock Your Fertility

Right Time Baby: The Complete Guide to Later Pregnancy, Motherhood & Fertility

A lively and informative guide, Right Time Baby dispels many of the outdated myths concerning older motherhood and gives useful advice for increased fertility and a healthy baby. Conceived as media-friendly and easy to digest, it hits the Zeitgeist and empowers later mums rather than adding to their anxiety.

‘Claudia Spahr has written a wise, informative and entertaining pregnancy and birth guide that is perfect for both older mothers and equally relevant if you’re still in your teens or twenties. Don’t miss this one!’ – Ina May Gaskin, author and founder of The Farm Midwifery Centre



HolyMama yoga retreats in Ibiza are for nurturing the relationship to yourself, your child and each other as women.

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